Court Bleddyn at Pontypool Market

  • January 29, 2018 2:21 pm

Court Bleddyn Farm is selling its local meat at Pontypool Indoor Market this Thursday – one of TCBC”s ‘Foody Thursdays’. Come and buy local food from the farm by the Folly! And other great stuff in the Market – It’s very different from two years ago. Info 01495 755557

Welsh Black Beef – NOW!

  • May 25, 2016 8:54 am

Remember, our beef is from indigenous cattle that we breed, that graze on the hill all their lives (and they have good natural lives), and are taken to an abattoir that we trust to treat them well at the last. Then the meat is hung long enough and cut by our expert local butcher. That all adds up to a superb taste that you won’t get from the supermarket.
So we can offer lean beef as: –
* Bargain Boxes – mixed eighth of beef, all joints, at about £220
* Selection Boxes – about £60
* Individual joints, can be cut to order (but contact us asap)
The beef will be ready chilled for collection (visit the farm) or delivery locally, or by overnight courier this weekend, or frozen after that.
We also have frozen Tamworth pork, traditional pig, slow grown and tastier. Teg and mutton coming soon
Please phone / email Barbara, confirm your order if already booked – 01495 755557 /

Breaking News (as they say) – our pigs did very well at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival – our young boar was best Tamworth male, and best of all breeds at show, and so has qualified for the UK national final of Young Pig of the Year in September. Great joy! It’s not often that Tamworths win over other, more ‘modern’, breeds


  • November 7, 2015 10:33 pm

Evening – recovering after a busy Market today, thanks to all our customers, both for your custom and the  chat, we do enjoy the social side! (Stallholders too). Particularly, thanks to one customer for 4 bags of unwanted acorns, our pigs love them! Early morning was particularly hard work, sloshing about loading and unloading in the pouring rain. At least it stopped for the return, and it’s certainly mild for November We still have some lamb/teg joints, and pork and beef (frozen) – and for the next market (21st Nov) we shall have fresh beef – but some of it is sold already, so do give Barbara a call if you wish to make sure of getting what you want. Free delivery locally to Pontypool. Also call us for Christmas orders – if you want large joints of beef or pork, please give us plenty of notice so that our butcher can cut them as you wish. We will have a limited supply of Gammon and bacon, and pork stuffing meat – again we have orders in hand already. Hope to see you on 21st.

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