Court Bleddyn at Pontypool Market

  • January 29, 2018 2:21 pm

Court Bleddyn Farm is selling its local meat at Pontypool Indoor Market this Thursday – one of TCBC”s ‘Foody Thursdays’. Come and buy local food from the farm by the Folly! And other great stuff in the Market – It’s very different from two years ago. Info 01495 755557

10% LOCAL MEAT SALE! (Pre-Royal Welsh Show)

  • July 14, 2017 8:30 pm

To clear freezer space, we are offering bargains in our home-produced pork and lamb (sorry, no beef at present)

Tasty Tamworth Pork: –

Sausages (5 flavours), Burgers, Bacon – just right for BBQs

Boxes (already discounted, now an extra 10% off) – about £50

Welsh Lamb: –

Boxes – about £50

Contact Barbara to order, or for more details – 01495 755557 or BUT HURRY, OFFER ENDS IN A WEEK

How to buy –

  • Visit the farm and choose (and see our animals)
  • Request free delivery locally
  • Request overnight courier delivery to distant parts

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  • September 8, 2016 11:03 am

Seasonal beef from our Welsh Black cattle now available fresh, or frozen after the weekend (unless we have a rush!)

Buy from the farm. or take advantage of our free local delivery, or we can send throughout the UK by overnight courier (for boxes).

Our prices are similar to butchers for individual cuts, or save 10% with a box – small selection box £60 approx, (contains three joints, 4 steaks, mince, chuck steak, etc) or  large box about £230 includes all joint cuts, steaks, mince, etc

We also have tasty Tamworth pork and Teg (older lamb) by the joint or box. Tel Barbara on 01495 755557 for orders or info

And for pig breeders – we have some Tamworth weaners for sale, but they are going fast


Typical contents of a Large Beef Box - 10% off counter price


Welsh Black Beef – NOW!

  • May 25, 2016 8:54 am

Remember, our beef is from indigenous cattle that we breed, that graze on the hill all their lives (and they have good natural lives), and are taken to an abattoir that we trust to treat them well at the last. Then the meat is hung long enough and cut by our expert local butcher. That all adds up to a superb taste that you won’t get from the supermarket.
So we can offer lean beef as: –
* Bargain Boxes – mixed eighth of beef, all joints, at about £220
* Selection Boxes – about £60
* Individual joints, can be cut to order (but contact us asap)
The beef will be ready chilled for collection (visit the farm) or delivery locally, or by overnight courier this weekend, or frozen after that.
We also have frozen Tamworth pork, traditional pig, slow grown and tastier. Teg and mutton coming soon
Please phone / email Barbara, confirm your order if already booked – 01495 755557 /

Breaking News (as they say) – our pigs did very well at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival – our young boar was best Tamworth male, and best of all breeds at show, and so has qualified for the UK national final of Young Pig of the Year in September. Great joy! It’s not often that Tamworths win over other, more ‘modern’, breeds


  • December 17, 2015 8:55 am

WE HAVE PLENTY OF PORK products, plus lamb / teg / mutton, and some beef available, at Usk Farmers market this Saturday or for delivery / collection in the next few days. In more detail: –
* Half pork box, all joints and chops, sausages & burgers – £85 (save 10% on counter prices)
(Only one left)
* Quarter pork box – selection of joints / chops – £50 (two left – save 10%)
* Whole suckling pig (can be cut) – 10-13 kg @ £10 /kg
* Whole legs of pork, on bone or boned
* Large or small pork joints, on bone or boned & rolled
* Belly pork, sausages, chippolatas, sausage meat, bacon
ALSO BEEF – one large box (£230 – save over 10%), and some beef joints left
Please order asap – we expect to sell out quickly



  • November 7, 2015 10:33 pm

Evening – recovering after a busy Market today, thanks to all our customers, both for your custom and the  chat, we do enjoy the social side! (Stallholders too). Particularly, thanks to one customer for 4 bags of unwanted acorns, our pigs love them! Early morning was particularly hard work, sloshing about loading and unloading in the pouring rain. At least it stopped for the return, and it’s certainly mild for November We still have some lamb/teg joints, and pork and beef (frozen) – and for the next market (21st Nov) we shall have fresh beef – but some of it is sold already, so do give Barbara a call if you wish to make sure of getting what you want. Free delivery locally to Pontypool. Also call us for Christmas orders – if you want large joints of beef or pork, please give us plenty of notice so that our butcher can cut them as you wish. We will have a limited supply of Gammon and bacon, and pork stuffing meat – again we have orders in hand already. Hope to see you on 21st.


  • October 1, 2015 3:48 pm


Our beef is from the traditional Welsh breed – pedigree, outdoor reared, single-suckled Welsh Black cattle. The meat is hung for 3 weeks, butchered, vac-packed & labelled.

We sell it in individual joints, steaks etc, as from a butcher’s shop, or with 10-20% off counter prices in two sizes of box: –

Standard, with 10% off – about £60 depending on weight – containing: –

  • 2 or 3  roasting joints
  • 2 sirloin steaks
  • 2 rump steaks
  • chuck steak
  • shin beef
  • stewing steak

Large, an eighth of beef, with 20% off – about £240 depending on weight, containing all joints and steaks (including fillet)

We also have some frozen Tamworth pork and lamb

We check our prices against the local supermarket, and for many cuts we are not only competititve, we are cheaper! So far from having to pay extra for this more tasty locally-produced meat, you will usually save money

We deliver reasonable quantities locally around Pontypool and Cwmbran, and by popular demand, we are increasingly sending frozen boxes by courier to addresses throughout Wales and England (carriage extra)

Call Barbara on 01495 755557 for orders, or to ask what is available, or for cooking advice!

Meat Deliveries – Local, London and Almost Anywhere!

  • November 18, 2013 10:36 pm

We have found a reliable courier, and can now send chilled or frozen meat, usually half pig / lamb or more, overnight to Wales, Midlands and southern England, maybe further. We have to add delivery charges to our discounted counter prices, however, but our long distance customers think it is well worth it!
We have available a few frozen suckling pigs at £100 plus delivery – they make a super tasty and different Christmas dinner – a few boxes of mixed beef joints and steaks at £200 plus delivery, and various pork boxes. Locally we shall be selling pork at Usk Farmers Market on Saturday 7th December, and perhaps 21st December. Not sure on January Markets yet. If you want something special for Christmas, do order as soon as possible. We deliver locally in our chill van, so contact us on 01495 755557 and ask if we’ve got what you want – or come up to the farm, select from out freezers and see the animals.
For smallholders, as usual we have Tamworth weaners and gilts for breeding, and always advice and assistance. But don’t call 2nd and 3rd December, we shall be tied up with the Welsh Winter Fair, the last Show this year.


  • August 18, 2013 5:04 pm

We’ve finished the round of Spring / Summer pig shows we support every year, and we were pretty successful. We attained female Tamworth champ at the Three Counties, and were judged best at the show for the national Junior Pig of the Year final. Our young boar was male Tamworth champ at the Royal Welsh, and we won best progeny group and pair. We had to travel to the Great Yorkshire Show for Pig of the Year final, but in that exalted company we didn’t get the crown! And we clocked up quite a number of other red rosettes for class wins at these shows, the Royal Welsh Spring Festival, and the Royal Bath & West Show.

Winning progeny groups was probably most satisfying, it proves our breeding is going the right way, and this is reinforced by the demand for our young Tamworths for breeding, we’ve sold a lot this year in the UK, and even overseas – two exported to Germany recently!

So we’ve missed quite a few Farmers Markets, but we’ll be at Usk FM now until Christmas. Additionally, we just sold another whole pig to London, having found a reliable courier, but of course we sell most meat locally, so if you cannot get to Usk FM, contact us and we can usually deliver in the Gwent area. Or come up to the farm and select your pork, beef and lamb / mutton from our freezers – and see our animals and the superb views (if the weather is good).  Our prices are very competitive.


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