Farm Open Day

  • June 16, 2018 12:12 pm

Invitation – come and look around Court Bleddyn Farm, when we’ve tidied up a bit, on Sat 30th June afternoon, 12 – 4pm.  And a barbecue too. On a sunny day, there’s nowhere better.

See our

  • Amazing views
  • Famous and show-winning Tamworth ginger pigs
  • Welsh Badger Faced sheep and lambs
  • Welsh Black cattle
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Resident blacksmith at his forge
  • Ponies, poultry and a dog

There will be a limited amount of frozen meat for sale, but no obligation! For Satnav, NP48TS – but not from Abergavenny direction (may end in a Mamhilad dead-end), get to Pontypool first.

If you can call in, please phone first to let us know – 01495 755557 

Court Bleddyn at Pontypool Market

  • January 29, 2018 2:21 pm

Court Bleddyn Farm is selling its local meat at Pontypool Indoor Market this Thursday – one of TCBC”s ‘Foody Thursdays’. Come and buy local food from the farm by the Folly! And other great stuff in the Market – It’s very different from two years ago. Info 01495 755557

10% LOCAL MEAT SALE! (Pre-Royal Welsh Show)

  • July 14, 2017 8:30 pm

To clear freezer space, we are offering bargains in our home-produced pork and lamb (sorry, no beef at present)

Tasty Tamworth Pork: –

Sausages (5 flavours), Burgers, Bacon – just right for BBQs

Boxes (already discounted, now an extra 10% off) – about £50

Welsh Lamb: –

Boxes – about £50

Contact Barbara to order, or for more details – 01495 755557 or BUT HURRY, OFFER ENDS IN A WEEK

How to buy –

  • Visit the farm and choose (and see our animals)
  • Request free delivery locally
  • Request overnight courier delivery to distant parts

Two friends


  • December 11, 2016 8:34 pm

Turkey for Christmas Day, OK, but then tasty Tamworth Pork for Boxing Day? We have super whole Suckling Pig & Suckling Pig joints (will serve about 4 – 20 people), boned & rolled loin, and gammon joints (2-4kg). Also pork boxes at 10% off counter prices, with a selection of joints (all frozen – boxes and large orders sent by overnight courier, delivery extra). Other joints and sausages available from the farm, or free local delivery.



  • September 8, 2016 11:03 am

Seasonal beef from our Welsh Black cattle now available fresh, or frozen after the weekend (unless we have a rush!)

Buy from the farm. or take advantage of our free local delivery, or we can send throughout the UK by overnight courier (for boxes).

Our prices are similar to butchers for individual cuts, or save 10% with a box – small selection box £60 approx, (contains three joints, 4 steaks, mince, chuck steak, etc) or  large box about £230 includes all joint cuts, steaks, mince, etc

We also have tasty Tamworth pork and Teg (older lamb) by the joint or box. Tel Barbara on 01495 755557 for orders or info

And for pig breeders – we have some Tamworth weaners for sale, but they are going fast


Typical contents of a Large Beef Box - 10% off counter price



  • May 25, 2016 8:16 pm

Photo of our beef – two large bargain boxes, 15% off counter prices (and they are cheap enough!) Makes your mouth water?

Welsh Black Beef – NOW!

  • May 25, 2016 8:54 am

Remember, our beef is from indigenous cattle that we breed, that graze on the hill all their lives (and they have good natural lives), and are taken to an abattoir that we trust to treat them well at the last. Then the meat is hung long enough and cut by our expert local butcher. That all adds up to a superb taste that you won’t get from the supermarket.
So we can offer lean beef as: –
* Bargain Boxes – mixed eighth of beef, all joints, at about £220
* Selection Boxes – about £60
* Individual joints, can be cut to order (but contact us asap)
The beef will be ready chilled for collection (visit the farm) or delivery locally, or by overnight courier this weekend, or frozen after that.
We also have frozen Tamworth pork, traditional pig, slow grown and tastier. Teg and mutton coming soon
Please phone / email Barbara, confirm your order if already booked – 01495 755557 /

Breaking News (as they say) – our pigs did very well at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival – our young boar was best Tamworth male, and best of all breeds at show, and so has qualified for the UK national final of Young Pig of the Year in September. Great joy! It’s not often that Tamworths win over other, more ‘modern’, breeds


  • March 14, 2016 11:13 pm

After a rest, we are selling again – top-class pork, beef, lamb / teg / mutton.  Orders delivered locally (minimum applies)


Orders being taken for beef boxes of Welsh Black (eighth of beast), can be delivered. Phone for price

This weekend  – fresh tasty Tamworth pork boxes, half and quarter pig, joints chops etc to order. Phone for prices


Senior Tamworth boar, big boy, 4 years,  working well

Senior Badger-Face Ram, has worked well on our flock, but he has to move on now


  • February 20, 2016 1:04 am

Sadly, this is our last day at Usk Farmers Market, after 20+ years. We’ll certainly miss all our customers / friends, and many stallholders. BUT WE ARE STILL SELLING OUR TOP CLASS LOCAL PRODUCE, we hope many of you will still enjoy our tasty meat, and many other people will find out how good home-grown, slow grown, traditional meat is We shall continue to: –

  • Sell from the farm – come on up to Pontypool Folly, turn left and see our pigets, lambs and calfs (in season), and the wonderful views (in good weather!)
  • Deliver telephone / email orders locally
  • Send long distance by overnight courier

More orders are arriving from our internet presence, we have recently delivered to London, Birmingham, Northumberland, South Coast and many places in between.

So ring Barbara on 01495 755557 or email and enjoy!


  • December 30, 2015 6:44 pm

Assuming you are not flooded out, we hope you had a super Christmas celebration, without suffering a hangover. After our Christmas rush we still have available some frozen Welsh Black beef and Tamworth pork, a few discounted boxes (quarter and half pig, eighth of beef), and a few sausages and porkburgers. Also, for a special feast, a whole suckling pig. So when you have finished the turkey (or are fed up with it), give Barbara a call for the most tasty Welsh meat.
We cannot get to Usk Farmers Market in January, but we can deliver a reasonable meat order locally, and with increasing internet orders we are sending more across the UK by courier
And of course we can sell you live pedigree Tamworth weaners from our prize-winning herd in Spring.
So we wish all our customers a happy and successful New Year, and hope we shall see or hear from you in 2016

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