Sadly, this is our last day at Usk Farmers Market, we’ve had enough. Thsnks to our many customers / friends over 20 years. BUT we are still selling our top class tasty meats, we are seling more online. So you can sill buy our Tamworth pork, Welsh Black beef and Welsh lamb & mutton – all home-grow, slow grown, traditional local produce that you cannot buy in a supermarket. We are: –
* Selling from the farm, come up to Pontypool Folly and see our piglets, lambs and calfs (in season), and choose your joint
* Taking orders by phone and delivering locally
* Accepting internet orders, and delivering by overnight courier
Our prices are very similar to a supermarket, no high cost, and you can be sure where it comes from
Phone Barbara on 01495 755557 or email on