Assuming you are not flooded out, we hope you had a super Christmas celebration, without suffering a hangover. After our Christmas rush we still have available some frozen Welsh Black beef and Tamworth pork, a few discounted boxes (quarter and half pig, eighth of beef), and a few sausages and porkburgers. Also, for a special feast, a whole suckling pig. So when you have finished the turkey (or are fed up with it), give Barbara a call for the most tasty Welsh meat.
We cannot get to Usk Farmers Market in January, but we can deliver a reasonable meat order locally, and with increasing internet orders we are sending more across the UK by courier
And of course we can sell you live pedigree Tamworth weaners from our prize-winning herd in Spring.
So we wish all our customers a happy and successful New Year, and hope we shall see or hear from you in 2016